PAX East 2017


PAX East 2017


I’m glad to announce officially that we’ll be attending PAX East for the first time ever this year!!

We’ll be there showing off The American Dream and will be bringing with us some cool new merch. So most importantly you’ll be able to find us this year in the Indie Megabooth.

PAX East Map


Merch Update

We’re bringing you back all our pins this year including our super cute new Buddy Washington Design. Warning, this is the last of our Screencheat stock. As for shirts we’re bring back some old favorites and adding a new shirt into the mix. They’re all printed in Unisex sizes and will be available for $15. We’ll also have cheap copies of Screencheat to purchase for $10 or in a bundle for $25


Can’t wait to see all your new faces at PAX and hopefully some old friends. Come by for hugs and good times and maybe just a touch of patriotism. See ya’ll soon!!

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

Nicholas McDonnell
[email protected]

Likes things a little bit #Wonky twitter @nicholasmc1

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