Samurai Punk @ PAX Aus 2016

PAX Aus Banner 2016

Samurai Punk @ PAX Aus 2016

It’s that time of year again when we go 10 minutes down the road and show our games to our lovely Australians. This year we’re going to be set up in the PAX Rising area, booth #23

PAX Aus 2016 Map

This year we’ll be exhibiting The American Dream and Fruits of a Feather showing off an updated demo of both. Come by if you want to try our game or just chat about what we’ve been up to, hugs are always given on request.

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Copies of Screencheat will also be available for $10 $15 and $5 when bundled with any other purchase.

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

Nicholas McDonnell
[email protected]

Likes things a little bit #Wonky twitter @nicholasmc1

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