Screencheat Key Art

Screencheat is the split-screen FPS where everyone is invisible and you have to “Screencheat” to win


PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Screencheat gameplay screenshot

Unleash your inner cheater!

Cheaters never win and cheaters never prosper? This is the FPS where everyone is invisible  and the only way to murder your friends is to cheat by looking at their screen.

Screencheat has you covered by colour coding all the map areas. Yeah I see you, yes you, hiding behind the woolly mammoth in the corner of the red room.

Unique and Crazy Weapons!

Screencheat features 10 unique one-shot kill weapons, all designed to give you the ultimate deadly satisfaction.

Ranging from the dependable Blunderbuss to the Chefolet; a car engine that fires ricocheting energy balls and even the Wall Hacker, which penetrates all surfaces with pinpoint accuracy.

Screencheat gameplay screenshot
Screencheat gameplay screenshot

Unique and Crazy Weapons!

Navigating in Screencheat relies on your skilful identification of unique map areas. Each map is sectioned into four colours each with its own iconic landmarks to help you hunt down your opponents.

By screencheating you can determine who is where in your quest to find and destroy your enemies

Game modes

Modes include the familiar (My First Deathmatch, Hillcampers) and the less familiar such as Capture the Fun (hold on to the confetti-spreading Pinata for as long as you can to score points) or Murder Mystery (find and shoot the right person with the right weapon to score).

We’ve provided players with a highly granular level of customisation to play the game the way they want to. This includes deep mode modifications, player stats and crazy mutators.

Screencheat gameplay screenshot

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