The American Dream EU PlayStation Store Pricing Error

We fucked up.

Unfortunately it’s come to our attention that we made a mistake for the pricing of The American Dream on the European PlayStation Store and it has incorrectly launched at 29,99€ / £24.99. All European regions, including Australia and New Zealand are affected.

The correct price should be 19.99€ (or equivalent in your territory).

We are working with Sony to rectify it as soon as possible and we’re deeply sorry for this mistake. Please stay tuned to our Twitter @SamuraiPunkCo or this page for live updates.


It’s probably best to wait til we sort it out with Sony, but if you’d still like to purchase the game before this is addressed, we’re willing to offer a refund of the price difference or something equivalent to make up for our blunder.


UPDATE 16/03: At this stage, Sony are saying that the price may not be able to change until the 22/03 at the earliest.


Update 23/03 : The price has now been returned to the correct amount. If you purchased the game at the original price we are still happy to uphold our offer below.


  1. If I purchase the game now, can I get a refund of the difference from Sony?
    • It should be possible to either do a full refund of the game and re-purchase it at the new price, OR we are exploring the possibility of a partial refund of the difference. We are working with Sony to see what our options are.
    • We’ll update this page with details when we get them.
  2. I don’t want to wait for a refund from Sony, is there anything else you can offer?
    • We’ll do our best to offer something!
    • Option A: A free copy of Screencheat for PlayStation 4 / Steam / Xbox One (valued at 14.99€, while keys last) and exclusive pre-release beta access our upcoming game Feather on Steam
    • Option B: We make a donation on your behalf towards Guide Dogs Victoria equivalent to the price difference
    • Option C: One free item from our Merch store
  3. Alright, I want one of those options, what next?
    • We’re gonna have to go with the honesty rule, so please no abusing this <3
    • Send an email to contact[at] with the subject line “[The American Dream EU Pricing Error]” and include:
      • A photo of your receipt / proof of purchase with the Order Number clearly visible.
      • The compensation option you would like.
  4. What if we find out that Sony can’t offer a refund?
    • In the unlikely case that Sony can’t arrange refunds, we will organise refunds via PayPal.

Again, we’re very sorry for the mix up! We hope to get The American Dream to all of you (at the correct price) as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience.


Much Love,

Samurai Punk <3