Dev Blog – Status Update September 2017

Dev Blog – Status Update September 2017

PAX West
It was great to be back in Seattle this year. We had a hell of a time despite the heat and lack of rain. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, played The American Dream and picked up cool swag. At the bottom of this post are a bunch of images from the show.


BIC (Busan Indie Connect 2017)
So this was our first time in Busan for BIC, we were lucky enough to be accepted into the showcase and were able to demo The American Dream in Koreato a bunch of new people. We made heaps of new friends anddiscovered the wonders of Hagfish and Soju with Beer.


Feather (formerly Fruits of a Feather)

So it’s pretty official now, we’re continuing development of Fruits of a Feather under a new title Feather, I wrote a full blog post about it on our itch page but the TLDR is we’re streaming active development over at so head over there, hit the follow button and stay up to date. Here is a spicy new Screenshot showing how the art is coming along.


Store Update

We’re working with our friends at IndieBox to setup a new store.  What this means for you guys is a clean single point interface, the ability to make a cart and buy multiple items and better prices for shipping. Additionally our new Pin, Shirt design, Plushies and our Skatedecks will be added to this store. This will be coming soon so keep your eyes locked to twitter for updates.We’re hoping to grow this over time so please if you have any ideas or requests for Merch please contact us and let me know via our contact form.



See you all at the next show.

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

Nicholas McDonnell
[email protected]

Likes things a little bit #Wonky twitter @nicholasmc1

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