Dev Blog – Where in the world is Samurai Punk

Dev Blog – Where in the world is Samurai Punk

Hi Everyone,

OMG you guys it’s 2017 already where the hell did my nice slow 2016 go. Sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been so deep in the trenches working on The American Dream and our super secret side project that I haven’t even thought to post up a blog. BUT THAT ENDS NOW!! So I thought I’d ramble a little and let you know what we’ve been doing since last year and what we’ve got coming up.

First of some real news!! Samurai Punk is in the publishing game… well not really..  What we’re doing is helping smaller or new developers out get access to platforms and with mentoring for design and development. Whether that be battling Unity bugs or with production meetings to keep the project moving a good pace.

Our first title in this currently unnamed partnership is called Putty Pals which you might have seen if you were at PAX Australia in 2016. It releases February 15th PST on Steam and you can wishlist it here.

Back to internal work we’re deep in development with The American Dream. It’s really surreal to work on this project as it’s our first time diving into linear narratives, both the creative process and writing for the project is a lot of fun and at times super stressful. We’re still pretty much on schedule which is nice so keep your VR headsets primed for our 2017 launch. Will all that in mind we’ll have some cool things to share very soon as we’re booked in to show at PAX East. This is our first time in Boston so please go easy on us. I’ll have more news to share soon about where on the show floor we are and what spicy merch we’ll have on offer.

Fruits of a Feather Key ArtFruits of a Feather time! That’s right we’re still working on that charming little game. So we do plan to do an exciting new update to the game when we get time to between our bigger projects. We have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to add in the next update including some new content, more visual polish and VR support

but if you think there’s something the game just can’t do without please let us know. This game has a really special place in my heart. I really want to keep developing that little nugget of relaxation and turn it into a space people can just go, chill out and fly around in for hours to calm down. I think we can all use that from time to time.


As part of these blogs I want to drop some personal game and music recommendations in so here’s a short list in no real order I just found them and they really stuck with me.

-Glittermitten Grove  (Game)
Where there is Nothing by Turnpike (Album)
-Abzu  (Game)
-No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room by Elm (Album)
-Birdskitball (Game)
-1000001-2 by Seagull (Album)

That’s all for now, I hope to get these our more and maybe share some development secrets on The American Dream. To stay update

Much Love,

Samurai Punk


Nicholas McDonnell
[email protected]

Likes things a little bit #Wonky twitter @nicholasmc1

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